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Grow your business.

Whether it’s a business, a charity, a church, or any group of people there are things that are great and things that could use improvement. We get so busy doing what needs to be done that we often get lost when it comes to the big picture…doing what you do with Excellence and growing your bottom line.

Set your
organization apart.

At the Pete Herrick Group, our goal is to help you re-focus on the bigger picture, serving your consumers well, giving you the edge to keep them coming back, being memorable, eliminating the drama, being engaging and growing your business.
Pete Herrick has over 25 years of experience in creating teams, building revenue, and bringing people together to forge lasting beneficial partnerships.

No more missed opportunities


This is a 4-month program with the focus being on TWO 4-hour
coaching session that happen in person with your team of up to 8 people. Additional
team members may be added.

The Voice

Pete has been trusted by several brands to be the voice of their product and company.  Some of his clients include  ESPN, Autozone, Dunkin Donuts, CBS Radio…….and many more.



Have Pete come speak at your next event. He has been behind the microphone for over 20 years.

He has a great message, and shares in in a way that your audience can relate with.

We’ll start with identifying areas of concern as well as areas of success, discuss how
to build on those, and start the process of outlining the goals for growth.


“Pete listens to the needs of his clients and then executes those needs with great attention. He always provides an engaging atmosphere at each event.

A true professional who always shows up on time, is well prepared and never leaves before offering to lend a hand. Anytime I need a voice for one of my live events, I never hesitate to call Pete for the job!”

Kim Hollein

Account Executive
Sport Dimensions, Inc.

“When architects start the plans for a building, the first thing they construct is the foundation. Pete Herrick is our architect. Because of him, we have a strong foundation.

The strong foundation gives us the freedom and direction to develop, deliver, and distribute the content in a way our audience enjoys and understands. ”

Roy Brown

Morning Host
WNKS/Kiss 95.1, Charlotte NC

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