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It’s not good to judge, but whether you like it or not you’re being judged all the time. But don’t feel too badly, even if you’re a really good person, you’re judging others to.

See, you’re a really good person, but you just judged me for using “to” instead of “too” in the sentence above. It doesn’t mean that you’re filled with hate, it just means that you notice things and you have an opinion. Really, who doesn’t want that in a family member, co-worker, or friend?

That being said, I’m going to get really judgmental about the use of the word “backslash”. It’s not a thing when you’re telling me your website. The backslash is located just above your Return or Enter key on your keyboard and it’s never used in websites. If you’re a programmer or do coding, you probably use a backslash, but don’t tell me to find the address on google-dot-com-backslash-maps because it takes me to another google search.

The problem is that it’s become commonplace because a couple of decades ago, someone started saying backslash instead of slash and it stuck. Sure, if your elderly aunt is saying it, I’m not going to get all judgmental, she had kids who were out of college before the magical world of the interwebs even existed.

However when you’re creating your business cards, when you’re telling people to check you out online, in your videos and your online classes…if you use the word “backslash”, you lose all credibility with me immediately. I almost immediately lose interest in whatever you’re pitching me.

There’s a national office supply chain that’s running ads right now, at least in the Charlotte NC market that invite people to visit their website, including a backslash and whatever the office is. Ugh. How did that clear the copywriters and the legal department that certainly has to approve every piece of marketing material that you produce?

I judge. You judge. We all judge. Just know that what you say and how you say it means more than just sending people to the wrong website, it slowly chips away at your overall message.


Pete Herrick is a radio personality, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He works with groups on leadership, culture, transition, efficiency, storytelling and branding. Find him on social media @peteherrick or at Now booking engagements, contact us for availability.