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Busy, busy, busy, hectic, hectic, hectic. Yeah, we get it. You’ve got a lot of stuff to do. We all do.

Stop wearing “busy” as a badge of honor and start producing results. I’m a big fan of author and speaker Larry Winget and he reinforces that you should focus on actual results instead of just activity.

Every day people are using ‘busy’ as an excuse for not calling you back. Every day, all forms are social media are full of people saying how busy they are. It’s nothing but an excuse and I’m pointing the finger at myself here too. I say it WAY too often. I try to make people think it’s ok that I’ve been slack because I’ve been busy. I haven’t been…I just haven’t prioritized things the right way.

Busy is like a birthday. It applies to everyone, it doesn’t make you special…but how you talk about it says things about what kind of person you are. Stop taking the victim status of letting your schedule control you and instead, start to control your schedule. What actually HAS to get done? Make a prioritized list…then do those things until they’re done.

Stop measuring your activity or your busy-ness and start measuring your results and finished products.


Pete Herrick is a radio personality, speaker, blogger and podcaster. He works with groups on leadership, culture, transition, efficiency, storytelling and branding. Find him on social media @peteherrick or at Now booking engagements, contact us for availability.